At The Nth Power we look at each project as the symbiotic relationship between the client core business functional areas:

  • Executive Management
  • Information Technology
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Human Resources

and our approach, which has been refined to 6 key activities:


IT infrastructure, Source systems, Key business drivers, Strategic objectives


Timeline, Costing, Resources, Statement of Work


Business processes, Data flows, Technical architecture, Application architecture, Prototype


Environment, Application, Integration, Reporting Tools


Validation, Testing, Training, Documentation


Deployment, Performance, Optimization, Production assessment

Our direct experience and market research have shown that one of the main challenges for efficient execution and effective application of complex projects is the handling of collaborative information, such as:

  • The collection and analysis of information
  • The involvement of all relevant people in the planning process
  • The creation of a two-way communication between senior management and business units
  • The through line of ownership to exercise control over information and steer processes

Based on our expansive knowledge and expertise, acquired during our intimate involvement in several complex projects, The Nth Power has developed its own unique project methodology, which we call RADIUS.

RADIUS methodology is applied at the kick-off meeting, and is monitored continuously throughout the six RADIUS phases. The Nth Power deems a priority that all relevant business areas must be directly represented and involved in all activities. However, from the outset, one business unit will be elected by the client as the sole project owner.

Throughout the entire life of the project The Nth Power remains at the center of the RADIUS, thereby assuring a constructive flow of information leading to a timely completion of the project.